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Cell Phone Tumor Link Found


Rat Brain Study Single 2-hour exposure to the microwaves emitted by some cell phones kills brain cells in rats, a group of Swedish researchers claims.

Brain interactions with RF/microwave fields generated by mobile phones  Our human generation is the first to voluntarily expose itself to artificial RF/microwave fields that cover a wide spectrum of frequencies and intensities





Unsure of Cell Phone Radiation Dangers?

View this article to learn how two Russian Journalists cooked an egg with their cell phones.

Study Warns of Cell Phone Radiation. A new report details exactly how much radiation your cell phone is emitting, and you might be surprised which phones made the top of the list.

The unknown dangers of cell phone use. The controversy over cell phones and whether the electromagnetic radiation they use poses a health risk is becoming clearer. To those of you who decided to follow the precautionary principle, you are right to do so until science can come to a more definitive answer about the various claims.

Cell phone radiation might alter protein expression in human skin. Earlier we have shown that the cell phone radiation (radiofrequency modulated electromagnetic fields; RF-EMF) alters protein expression in human endothelial cell line. This does not mean that similar response will take place in human body exposed to this radiation. Therefore, in this pilot human volunteer study, using proteomics approach, we have examined whether a local exposure of human skin to RF-EMF will cause changes in protein expression in living people.

Brain Tumor Link Seen in Research

Cell phone users beware! Over the past several years, research has revealed that there is an increased risk of brain tumors in people who have used cell phones for at least ten years.

The Effect of Cell Phone Radiation on the Red Blood Cell

See how the red blood cells change as Seen under a dark field microscope when exposed to cell phone radiation

Research on Correlation Between Autism and Cell Phones

Today the incidence of autism in the United States is 1 in 150 children, according to published CDC reports, a horrific increase from the end of the 1970s, when the ratio of autism in our society was 1 in 10,000, before the cell phone, wireless and similar technologies were introduced into the environment that produce radio waves.

EMF Radiation and Your Eyes  

There have been many recent studies done about the harmful effect of EMF and the human eyes. EMF (electromagnetic frequency) is emitted from cell phones. The recent increased use of cell phone has caused many concerns with the link between cell phone radiation and eye cancer being just one of them.

Cell phone use increases brain tumor risk by 240 percent

A study has found that extensive usage of the cell phone for at least an hour a day over the duration of a long period of time increases the risk of cell phone cancer, developing a brain tumor, by a massive 240 percent.

Cell phones 'may trigger Alzheimer's'

BBC News Reports that study suggests that cell phones damage key brain cells and could trigger the early onset of Alzheimer's disease.

Cell phones "alter human DNA"

BBC News Reports Radio waves from cell phones do harm body cells and damage DNA, a laboratory study has shown.










cell phone radiation, cell phone cancer

  • Brain Cancer and Cell Phone Debate Continues ... Studies have shown that high doses of RF energy can cause DNA damage, cardiac effects, disruption of cellular communication and metabolism, impairment of immune function, and changes in brainwave activity and sleep patterns.

  • Cell phone cancer risk higher for children ... Will health warnings make you use your cell less? New research says that children's thinner skulls make them more vulnerable to tumours

  • The hidden menace of cell phones and Cell Phone Radiation ... Using a cell phone for more than 10 years increases the risk of getting brain cancer, according to the most comprehensive study of the risks yet published.

  • Report Claims Link Between Autism and Cell Phones: A new report is claiming to have found a link between the rise in autism in the USA, and the rise of the use of wireless technologies, specifically mobile phones.

  • FDA to revisit cell phone cancer risk: The U.S. Food and Drug Administration said Thursday that it will review wireless-phone safety following a recently published study that raised concerns about a heightened risk of brain cancer……The researchers at the Swedish National Institute for Working Life compared data from 2,200 cancer patients and an equal number of healthy patients. Those who heavily used wireless phones had a 240 percent increased risk of a cancerous tumor on the side of the head where they used their phone, they reported.

  • Health risks of cell phone radiation: More must be done to raise awareness of health risks from cell phone radiation, according to a Melton businessman
    who suffers from an allergy to electricity.

  • Lost bees signal delicate web of existence: A German scientific report suggests disturbing news: that radiation from now ubiquitous cell phone towers could be harming honeybee populations.

  • Science proves cell tower radiation can affect health: She told Charlottetown council that government is slow to take up a growing concern that radio waves do harm people and animals. Government has yet to accept any of the science concerning “non-thermal” affects from microwave radio energy

  • Health Fears Lead British Schools to Dismantle Wi-Fi Networks:  Fox News Reports that Parents and teachers are forcing some schools to dismantle wireless computer networks amid fears that they could damage children's health.

  • UK schools pull the plug on WiFi for alleged health reasons

  • In the UK at a handful of schools in Chichester, Carmarthenshire, and Buckinghamshire, which have turned off their WiFi citing parental lobbying.

  • Conspiracy of Silence Newsletter:  The wireless industry ha set up a $6 billion legal fund to fight health-related lawsuits that are just now beginning to emerge

  • Study: Cell phones confuse honeybee navigation Some experts claim cell phone radiation may be responsible for a drastic -- and so far unexplained -- decline in the number of honeybees.

  • Cell phones source of radiation fears

  •   Conflicting opinions over possible health risks posed by radiation from cell phones have raised concerns among many users.

  • Cell phone Radiation suit to proceed against cellphone makers

  •  The Supreme Court refused Monday to consider throwing out class-action lawsuits that accuse cellphone makers of failing to protect users from unsafe levels of radiation.

  • How Dangerous is Your Cell Phone?  Could our health be negatively affected by all the radio frequencies being bandied about by cell phones and cell phone towers, wireless pagers and Internet systems, and other uses of radio frequency and microwave radiation?

  • Electromagnetic fields and public health. Base stations and wireless technologies. WHO Fact sheet N°304 May 2006

  •  Mobile telephony is now commonplace around the world. This wireless technology relies upon an extensive network of fixed antennas, or base stations, relaying information with radiofrequency (RF) signals. Over 1.4 million base stations exist worldwide and the number is increasing significantly with the introduction of third generation technology.

  • EMF hazards continue to stir controversy

  •  In the rustic New England shoreline village of Guilford, Connecticut, homes go for $250,000 and up. But if you want a bargain, visit Meadow Street, where any one of nine solid homes, some abandoned by their owners, are going begging, despite price tags of less than $100,000. The reason? The houses have an unwanted neighbor: a Connecticut Light & Power Company (CL&P) substation.

  • Supreme Court move to regulate cell phone radiation

  •  The Supreme Court has now issued a notice to the ministry of telecommunication on a petition detailing health hazards caused by electromagnetic radiation from cell-phone towers.


  •  Lookup your model cell phone to determine how much RF your cell phone emits: Cell Phone Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) is defined as the value that corresponds to the relative amount of RF energy absorbed in the head of a user of a wireless handset, and is usually expressed in watts per kilogram (W/kg) of the mass in that volume. (Please note: this page requires extra time to load the information)



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Rat Brain Study: Radiation from cell phones hurts rats' brains

Single 2-hour exposure to the microwaves emitted by some cell phones kills brain cells in rats, a group of Swedish researchers claims. If confirmed, the results would be the first to directly link cell-phone radiation to brain damage in any animal.

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  • Brain cancer fears over heavy cell use. Dr Vini Khurana, a top Australian neurosurgeon says the world's heavy reliance on cell phones could be a greater threat to human health than smoking and even asbestos.

  • Brain tumour alert causes evacuation of office building

  •  The top floors of a Melbourne office building were closed down and 100 people evacuated after a seventh worker in as many years was diagnosed with a brain tumour.

  • Long cell phone use raises brain tumour risk-study

  •  The use of cell phones over a long period of time can raise the risk of brain tumours, according to a Swedish study, contradicting the conclusions of other researchers.

  • Swedish Study Raises New Fears over Cell Phone Use  The survey contradicts the findings of other researchers, including a study conducted by the Dutch Health Council, which found no evidence connecting radiation from cell phones to cancer, and a four-year British survey released in January, which came to the same conclusion.

  • Eye Cancer. EMF Radiation and Your Eyes

  •  There have been many recent studies done about the harmful effect of EMF and the human eyes. EMF (electromagnetic frequency) is emitted from cell phones. The recent increased use of cell phone has caused many concerns with the link between cell phone radiation and eye cancer being just one of them.

  • Brain cancer and Cell phone You Don't Deserve Brain Cancer. You Deserve The Facts.  Research by University of Washington professor Dr. Henry Lai shows brain cells are clearly damaged by microwave levels far below the US government's "safety" guidelines. Dr. Lai notes that even tiny doses of radio frequency can cumulate over time and lead to harmful effects. He warns that public exposure to radiation from wireless transmitters "should be limited to minimal."

  • Brain cancer and cell phone use

  •  Some of the common complaints of cell phone users are that they frequently get headaches and tingling of their ears and head

  • Cell phone cancer on the rise


  • Cell phone health risk

  •   Cell phone health risks range from warm ear to the most severe side effects of brain tumors or DNA damage



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Cell Phone-Tumor Link Found

(CBS Report) A Swedish study suggests that people who use a cell phone for at least 10 years might increase their risk of developing a rare benign tumor along a nerve on the side of the head where they hold the phone.

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cell phone radiation


  • How Cell Phone Radiation Works  Cell phones emit signals via radio waves, which are comprised of radio frequency (RF) energy, a form of electromagnetic radiation

  • T-Mobile Accused of Burying Health Report: According to an article in U.K.'s Sunday Times, T-Mobile is accused of diluting a scientific report it originally commissioned on the possible link between cell towers and phones and cancer.

  • Conspiracy of Silence Newsletter ... The wireless industry ha set up a $6 billion legal fund to fight health-related lawsuits that are just now beginning to emerge

  • What is cell phone radiation?  Tampa Bay New Times

  • Cell Phone Radiation Awareness  In light of the recent cases of radiation illness (cell phone cancer), and the growing public awareness as a result, cell phone radiation protection devices have come under scrutiny

  • Mobile phones: Not so useful.  Memory loss, Parkinson’s disease, impaired immunity, renal retardation and congenital defects are just some ill-effects caused by use of, now indispensable gizmo - mobile phone.

  • Experts confirm effects of cell phone radiation.   The radiation of wireless communication indeed has effects on the central nervous system, influences the functioning of the brain and causes damage to DNA. That is confirmed by 25 experts who studied the relevant scientific literature of 2000 to 2004.

  • Understanding Cell Phone Radiation.  Over the past decade, the use of cell phones has grown exponentially. Indeed, recent estimates place the international use of mobile phones at well over 190 million people. As the use of cell phones becomes more commonplace, a growing number of researchers are beginning to explore the consequences of intense, long-term exposure to cell phone radiation.

  • Cell phone radiation from base stations change brain currents and cause unwellness.  (Medical Research News) The radiation of a cell phone base station at a distance of 80 meters causes significant changes of the electrical currents in the brains of testees (measured by electroencephalogram, EEG). All the testees said they felt unwell during the radiation, some of them seriously

  • Cell Phone Radiation Slows Down Brain Speed.  Controversy swirls around the subject of the health effects of cell phones. The radiofrequency electromagnetic (EM) radiation emitted by a cell phone is known to penetrate the skull, but does this lead to the development of cancer, especially malignant brain tumors which are on the rise? The new cell phone towers springing up everywhere greatly increase our daily dosage of radiation. Is this healthy for us?

  • Skin Rash? Maybe It's Your Cell Phone.

  •  Researches Find Mobile Phones Can 'Excite' Antigens. If you have noticed an increase in skin rashes or allergic reactions to dust mites and pollen, your cell phone may be to blame. In what researchers called surprising results, a study indicates radiation emitted by mobile phones may increase allergic reactions.

  • Cell phone Radiation in the United Kingdom. Governmental agencies denied that cell phones are dangerous, yet they purchased radiation protectors for government employees.

  • Study: Mobile Phones Affect DNA.

  •  Radio frequency radiation from mobile phones can damage DNA in laboratory conditions, European researchers say in a recent study

  • Cell phone radiation awareness. In light of the recent cases of radiation illness (cell phone cancer), and the growing public awareness as a result, cell phone electromagnetic radiation protection devices have come under scrutiny.




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  • Scientist Worries WiFi May Harm Children: The British scientist who raised one of the early warnings about potential health hazards from cell phone radiation has a new worry -- wireless Internet, or WiFi.

  • Health Fears Over Wireless Internet in Schools: As British schools race to provide wireless Internet access to every school classroom in Britain, teachers here are warning that the move could have a devastating effect on the health of the next generation's brain power.

  • WiFi Said to be a Health Risk: WiFi has become commonplace almost everywhere, including in our schools. but now, William Stewart, the head of Britain's Health Protection Agency has concerns that wireless Internet access may pose a health risk, especially in children.

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cell phone cancer


  • Cell Phone Emissions Excite The Brain Cortex

  •   Electromagnetic fields from cell phones excite the brain cortex adjacent to it, with potential implications for individuals with epilepsy, or other neurological conditions. This finding is published in Annals of Neurology, a journal by John Wiley & Sons. The article is also available online via Wiley Interscience.
  • FDA Calls For Health Tests: As questions linger about the possible health effects of wireless phone usage, a new corporate- funded study is coming out that finds no significant link between radio-frequency wave exposure and brain cancer.

  • More Tests Needed On Cell Phone Health Effects: But the report, titled Telecommunications: Research and Regulatory Efforts on Cell Phone Health Issues, includes a caveat: There is not enough information to prove that cell-phone use poses no health risks.

    Cell phones should be tagged "harmful to health"  Describing experiments, Bauer said that two Russian journalists cooked an egg in 65 minutes with the cell phones. “It only takes two minutes of speaking on a cellular phone for the radiation to cross the protective Blood Brain Barrier,” he explained.

  • How cell phone signals damage human health

  •   One effect in the biological cell is to harden the cell membrane, ultimately leading to the death of the cell, or “apoptosis.” This is followed by disruption to intercellular communication, and the deterioration of tissue and organ functions.

  • Cell phone radiation kills sperm

  •   A study conducted by Ohio's Cleveland Clinic found that the sperm counts of heavy cell phone users -- defined as four hours a day or more -- were 40 percent lower than those who used cell phones infrequently or not at all.

  • Do cell phones pose a health risk?

  •  Radiation that comes from cell phones is more permeating and more dangerous than smoking or industrial pollution, but most people are in denial because radiation is invisible. What is the cell phone cancer risk?

  • Testing cell phone radiation on human skin

  •  Finland's radiation watchdog is to study the effects of cell phones on human proteins by direct tests on people's skin, to see if handset transmissions affect their health.

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