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Cell Phone Radiation

MEMPHIS, Tenn. - A new report details exactly how much radiation your cell phone is emitting, and you might be surprised which phones made the top of the list.

Cell phones are a life necessity for many. Everywhere you look texts are being sent and calls are being made.

Eddie Jacobs says, "I'm not giving up my iPhone."

But a new report issued by the Environmental Working Group details cell phones sold in America with the highest levels of radiation being emitted.

Professor Eddie Jacobs says like many products we use on a daily basis cell phones emit radiation and the concern for some, how much of that radiation is entering our bodies.

Jacobs says, "The fact that its right up next to your head is of some concern because there may be biological effects from non-ionizing radiation."

But Dr. Allen Sills says right now there's no proof.

Dr. Sills says, "We don't know of anything in the environment that causes brain tumors."

Dr. Sills adds while the concern is valid there might not be anything to worry about.

Dr. Sills says, "Radiation is a daily part of our lives and the question always is how dangerous are those types of radiation."

With two BlackBerry's attached to his own belt, Dr. Sills says the research linking cell phone use to cancer to date is still inconclusive.

Dr. Sills says, "At this point there's been no study that shows that the radiation produced by cell phones is dangerous to humans."

The report looked specifically at the phone's model, if it's on the market, the phones carrier and its radiation output.

According to the report the top 5 cell phones with the highest levels of radiation are:
Blackberry Curve 8330
Motorola w385
The final 3 with the highest rate of are radiation tied at 1.55 watts per kilogram of radiation output:
Motorola MOTO VU204
Kyocera Jax S1300
T-Mobile MyTouch 3G

Jacobs says, "It's well within the federal standards for the amount of radiation that a device like this can emit."

On the top end of the list cell phones range from only 0.15 to 0.47 watts per kilogram of radiation produced.

In the end Dr. Sills says a few preventive measures will save you the headache of even thinking about your phone's radiation output.

Dr. Sills says, "Personally I do use a hands free head piece again primarily for safety reasons but I think also there's less radiation emissions so it's a reasonable step to take for safety."

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