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In February, Lakehead University in Canada was restricting WiFi usage for health concerns. Similar issues have cropped up in the UK at a handful of schools in Chichester, Carmarthenshire, and Buckinghamshire, which have turned off their WiFi citing parental lobbying.

One parent, Judith Davies, whose daughter attends a school in Carmarthenshire, told The Times: "Many people campaign against mobile phone masts near schools, but there is a great deal of ignorance about wireless computer networks. Yet they are like having a phone mast in the classroom and the transmitters are placed very close to the children." Ms. Davies, we don't mean to be rude, but have you ever seen a WiFi router? They're really small, use much less power, have a much shorter range, and give off way less radio frequency radiation than your average cell phone tower.

Put into technical terms, most WiFi routers have a peak power output of 100 mW (compared to most cell phones, which output at around 2 W). So, assuming that your child isn't sitting right on top of said router, she'll most likely be perfectly fine. And even if she is sitting on top of a router, aside from being somewhat uncomfortable she'll still probably be perfectly fine.





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