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DUBAI — Cell phone experts have requested the Ministry of Health to classify mobile phones as potential health hazards due to the high amounts of radiation that electronic gadgets emit.

At a meeting organized at Al Bustan Rotana Hotel by Bauer Biotech recently, the experts discussed the harmful effects of electronic gadgets, especially cell phones, on human health.

David Furlong, international therapist and author as well as a health practitioner, said that even a simple act such as keeping a mobile phone in a chest pocket could affect the energy fields in the body and cause disturbances in the body’s resonance.

Attendants of the meeting suggested that the MoH should treat mobile phones as harmful as cigarettes and label the gadgets as harmful to human health.

“We are not aware of the effects of radiation on our bodies,” he explained, adding that though the use of electronic gadgets cannot be ruled out entirely, the effects could be neutralized. “Today, a number of research studies from around the world prove conclusively that the enhanced usage of cell phones, beepers, Ipods, laptops and other modern electronic devices have the possibility of harming the human body,” he added.

Furlong said that only a few people could feel the effects of radiation immediately. “They have obvious symptoms such as disturbances, depression, headaches, reduced concentration, hot spots in the brain, overheating of eyes (leading to eye tumours), heart problems and cataracts,” he said.

“But there are only a few people who head to doctors with related symptoms. Tests have proved that radiation might have been the cause,” he added.

He also said that prolonged usage of the mobile phones increased body heat and blood pressure, impotency among men, exhaustion, genotype disturbances and blood formulations. “Tests have also proved that 90 per cent of tumours are related to radiation,” added Furlong. Friedrich J Bauer from Bauer Biotech, who is in Dubai to introduce the Green8 which neutralizes the electromagnetic fields, said that there has been a dramatic increase in radiation in the world over the years.

Giving figures Bauer said that there were over 120 million mobile phones in Europe alone and 191 million in the Middle East region. “Until 2005 the number of cell phones expected worldwide was 2,000 million,” he said.

Describing experiments, Bauer said that two Russian journalists cooked an egg in 65 minutes with the cell phones. “It only takes two minutes of speaking on a cellular phone for the radiation to cross the protective Blood Brain Barrier,” he explained.





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