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ATLANTA (CNN) -- Conflicting opinions over possible health risks posed by radiation from cell phones have raised concerns among many users.

With the number of cell phone customers in the U.S. alone nearing 90 million and growing by 30,000 every day, that's a lot of callers waiting for an answer.

The phones in question are the hand-held variety with a built-in antenna positioned close to the user's head. Studies on whether such phones are unhealthy are plentiful -- and contradictory.

"Every time it comes up, you can't help but think about it," said one man. "But right now, there's nothing I can do."

FDA says jury still out
According to the Food and Drug Administration, which could take action if a health threat were found, the jury is still out. For every report that hints at a possible risk, another report says there is none, which leaves cell phone users who are seeking answers, on hold.

"I really do not try to live with this stuck in my ear for all of those reasons," said one woman holding her phone.

Even the experts do a sort of balancing act when confronted with questions about risk.

"While there is no documented risk at the levels of exposure for current cell phones, there is some uncertainty -- as there are with many things in life, including exposure to the sun -- and you have to maybe manage risk," said Professor Paul Steffes of the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Recommendations to limit radiation
In the absence of conclusive information, the FDA issued these recommendations:

Since time spent on the phone is key, use a cell phone for short conversations and a conventional phone for long talks.

Use a mobile phone where the antenna is mounted on the outside of a vehicle.

Use a headset attached to a cell phone that is carried at the waist.

Earlier this year, two new studies did catch the attention of the FDA. One found an association between cell phones and a rare type of brain tumor.

The other study found that DNA in human blood cells breaks down when exposed to large doses of cell phone radiation.

After reviewing the information, the FDA came up with the conclusion that more studies were needed.





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