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Supreme Court move to regulate cell phone radiation


... the Supreme Court in India has now issued a notice to the ministry of telecommunication on a petition detailing health hazards caused by electromagnetic radiation from cell-phone towers.




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Cell Phone Cancer


What can I use to protect myself from cell phone cancer and EMF radiation


Cell Phone Cancer

Cell Phone Cancer?

An NGO, Karma Jyot Seva Trust, has listed the hazardous effects of non- ionizing electromagnetic radiation emitted by cell-phone towers, microwave ovens, mobile phones, and TV remote controls.

It says electronic equipment manufactured for Indian consumers aren't shielded against such radiation, while in western countries there are guidelines for this.

The NGO also says there would be enormous business opportunity in the field of detecting and arresting such non-ionizing radiation. Excess exposure to electromagnetic waves can cause cancer as well as neurological, respiratory, heart and eye problems. The World Health Organization (WHO) has given a safety range of 1-10 microwatt/ m2 as the emission level. Many places in India have radiation emission as high as 7000 microwatt/m2.






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