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Cell Phone Radiation Protection

In light of the recent cases of radiation illness (cell phone cancer), and the growing public awareness as a result, cell phone electromagnetic radiation protection devices have come under scrutiny. While cell phone talk has become a fact of life, some people doubt the reliability of companies that tout a tool that can protect cell phone users from the electromagnetic radiation (EMR) that is emitted from the phones. It is important learn about any device and its protective capabilities before you make a purchase.

Some companies claim their devices are total blocking systems or 99 percent accurate in the blocking of radiation. Those are promises that can't be kept. The only way for a person to be completely protected from radiation is by not using a cell phone at all. The good news for cell phone users is that companies are working on enhancing the capabilities of their radiation patches.

What We Can Do


Safe Cell Tab by Cell Phone Radiation Protection is able to reduce radiation to safer levels for cell phones, cordless phones, as well as ear sets and computers. We are developing a resource center through which we will be able to inform the public about new technology and laws regarding health risks associated with cell phones and transmission towers. While Safe Cell Tab is not the only way to prevent radiation illness, it is a safe, inexpensive way to continue cell phone use while cutting down on the EMR that travels from your cell phone to your brain.

By using the Safe Cell Tab, you can eliminate certain health problems that have been caused by cell phone use. Reportedly, some ailments have disappeared within hours of attaching the Safe Cell Tab. Depending on the problem, by using the Safe Cell Tab, many health problems have disappeared permanently.

Cell Phone Radiation Shield reduces risk of cell phone cancer

The same type of radiation that your microwave cooks with is found in cell phones. Imagine having microwaves "cooking" your brain every time you talk on your cell. With the use of a cell phone electromagnetic radiation shield you can alleviate the danger of many health risks that are caused by the electromagnetic radiation (EMR) emitted from your cell phone. Radiation affects different people in different ways, the extent of which is not known at this point.

Cell Phone Radiation Protection offers Safe Cell Tab, a specially made piece of ceramic and fibers that you attach to your cell phone to cut down on EMR. The Safe Cell Tab transforms the microwave energy to a safer level of energy without disrupting your cell phone audibility. Once attached, the tab will never need to be replaced.

Other Sources of EMR
More than 190 million people in the United States use cell phones. It's still too early to know definitively what the long range dangers will be, but many health issues are already being linked to various forms of EMR. Microwave ovens, televisions, alarm clocks, and cordless phones are all transmitters of harmful EMR.

By placing a Safe Cell Tab on each of these items in your home, you will cut down on harmful radio frequency that could be affecting your health. In addition, computers, especially laptops, are a source of dangerous EMR. Any source of electricity in your home is potentially a danger to your health. For more information about the Safe Cell Tab by cell phone electromagnetic radiation Protection, visit  cell phone radiation protection.com.

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Radiation protection for cell phone users


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