Report on Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR and EMF)

  T-Mobile Accused of Burying Health Report

By Teresa von Fuchs
Wireless Week - April 23, 2007


electromagnetic radiation, EMR, EMF

  According to an article in U.K.'s Sunday Times, T-Mobile is accused of diluting a scientific report it originally commissioned on the possible link between cell towers and phones and cancer.

In 2000 T-Mobile commissioned the Ecolog Institute, which has been researching mobile phone technology since 1992, to evaluate evidence on the potential dangers of cell towers and phones. But when the evidence began suggesting a dangerous link between the technology and tumors, T-Mobile called for more studies.

electromagnetic radiation, EMR, EMF

  Dr. Peter Neitzke, one of the authors of the Ecolog report, accused T-Mobile of commissioning more studies in order to dilute Ecolog's findings.

The report has only been published in Germany, but was recently picked up by the British Human Ecological Social Economic project (HESE), which examines the effect of electromagnetic fields on health. The report called for recommended limits on radiation exposure be cut to 1/1,000th of those currently in use. The suggestion has not been taken up by the company or by regulators.



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