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Feature Article: Cell phone and child

A Cellphone for Kids


The marketing strategies targeted towards cell phone and child,

 and the rising sales figures have caused concern, given the fact that there are preliminary studies pointing to the adverse impact that cell phones might have on health. There are worries that the electromagnetic radiation emitted from mobile phone handsets may harm health. In particular, there have been assertions that it could affect the cell function, brain or immune system and increase the risk of developing a range of diseases from cancer to Alzheimer’s. If this is the case, children are a high-risk category. Their skulls are thinner and their brains are still developing — thus increasing their vulnerability."



Some Interesting Facts about Cell Phones


cell phone and child


“It’s small, and shaped to fit a kid’s hand” — runs an advertisement for Firefly — a mobile phone launched by communications giant Rogers, the first Canadian company to introduce a cellphone for eight-year olds. The three-inch long phone has two special keys — mom and dad — as speed dials. Firefly’s address book can store 20 numbers and it has multiple ring tones, animations and flashing lights. “Every Firefly phone can be as unique as the kid who uses it,” promises the advertisement. At $150 (US$1=1.2 Canadian Dollars), it is being sold as a tool for parents to keep in touch with “the people who matter most”. Young children and pre-teens are now being targeted by wireless companies and mobile phone manufacturers as an untapped market for the sale of mobile phones. Tweens (8-12 years) hold a rather privileged position in North American families. As recipients of, often expensive, gifts from both parents and grandparents, they are a ready-made market for expensive cell phones.

While phone companies are now targeting a younger age group, some parents feel uncomfortable about studies that hint at the possibility of risks joined with use of mobile phones. Health Canada, the government health ministry, maintains that there has been no conclusive study on radio frequency energy from cell phones affecting the human body’s genetic material. As a result, it has steered clear of issuing any public warnings against the use of cell phones.



What can I use to protect myself from cell phone radiation



cell phone and child





Cell phone and child?

Researchers, working mostly in Europe, are still trying to find the effect of mobile phones on humans. The UK government and the country’s private sector have been proactive in limiting the use of mobile phones. In January 2005, after five years of first warnings against use of mobile phones by children, National Radiological Protection Board (NRPB) — the UK statutory body providing research and advice on protecting people from radiation hazards — reiterated that children should not use mobile phones. — WFS

By Naunidhi Kaur



Radiation Protection for Cell Phone Users

3 Step Solution


1. The Problem: 

Cell Phone Radiation is Dangerous

CBS News reports: Cell Phone Tumor Link Found

"use of cell phone for at least 10 years might increase their risk of developing a rare benign tumor along a nerve on the side of the head where they hold the phone "   

Reuters reports: Cell phone use increases brain tumor risk by 240 percent

"study found that extensive usage of the cell phone over the duration of a long period of time increases the risk of developing a brain tumor by 240 percent

Dr. George Carlo reports: The Hidden Dangers of Cell Phone Radiation

by Dr. George L. Carlo of the Science and Public Policy Institute.


2. The Solution: 

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3. The Proof: 

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