Report on Cell Phone Radiation


Science proves cell tower radiation can affect health


Charlottetown City Council called the public meeting because Rogers Wireless wants to install a 45 metre (147 foot) cell-phone transmitting tower along the Confederation Trail behind 185 Mount Edward Road.

Opposition, led by Catherine Mullally, is growing. A committee pamphlted the surrounding are in the days prior to the meeting, calling on residents to attend. They did and heard Magda Haves, a professor at Trent University who specializes in the study of how radio frequencies affect living organisms.

She told Charlottetown council that government is slow to take up a growing concern that radio waves do harm people and animals. Government has yet to accept any of the science concerning “non-thermal” affects from microwave radio energy (cell phone radiation).

“Because we can’t see it or hear it, we assume it’s safe and that may not be the case,” she said.
Exposure to radio frequency radiation is increasing year by year as wireless networks now join the ever-growing list of devices close to people that emit radio energy. She said that use of radio frequency energy is moving into the realm of dangerous excess. She noted a parallel from history, where at one time shoe stores were using X-Rays on children in the store to see if shoes fit.

It was soon learned that such frivolous use of X-Rays is too dangerous for the benefit gained. The same could now be said about the use of radio frequency energy to power more and more consumer and business goods.
“We are moving very quickly into the frivolous category,” said Havas. She kept her presentation for the most part neutral regarding the specifics of the Charlottetown tower, but did stray away from that neutrality when she put special emphasis on the proximity of childcare and school facilities to the proposed tower site off Mount Edward Road.

Her presentation warned how children are more vulnerable to microwave radiation than adults.
Science shows an increase in brain tumors for people using cell phones themselves, continued Havas. A collection of symptoms known as Electro Hyper Sensitivity is also a scientifically accepted condition that affects three per cent of the population in general and 35 percent of the population show some of the symptoms caused solely by exposure to radio energy. Havas received a standing ovation.

Prior to her presentation, Rachel Cassidy from Rogers Wireless spoke to the group, saying the tower is needed to provide for the increasing demand of the market, including digital signals that will allow wireless data reception inside buildings. One of Rogers’ towers is working atop BDC Place on Kent Street, she said, but another is needed further out in the city. Cassidy said Rogers “does not make its proposals lightly,” and said the tower may be large, but the power it will radiate is not. “Hopefully you will trust us,” said

April 2007




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