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Research on Correlation Between Autism and Cell Phones

  Today the incidence of autism in the United States is 1 in 150 children, according to published CDC reports, a horrific increase from the end of the 1970s, when the ratio of autism in our society was 1 in 10,000, before the cell phone, wireless and similar technologies were introduced into the environment that produce radio waves. Tamara Mariea, founder of Internal Balance (TM), Inc., is releasing findings from more than five years of research on clients with autism, and other membrane sensitivity disorders that point to electromagnetic radiation stress, which increases with the proliferation of cell phone and wireless use, as one of the potentially major root causes of the explosion of autistic cases in the past two decades. Electromagnetic radiation stress in people's lives continues to explode as radio waves in the air that carry the latest communication technology such as cell phones and wireless computers bombard our bodies.

"My recent awareness of the research being done by Tamara Mariea, CCN with autism and EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation and cell phone radiation), suggested to me that it may be an important missing link. Since we know that electrical currents at microvolt levels in the body are of vital importance, it makes a world of sense to research the potential of electromagnetic pollution in the etiology of disease. There is no doubt that we are seeing a severe epidemic rise of autism in children and the widespread use of electronics and wireless devices may well be a factor that has been ignored," said Derrick Longsdale, M.D., F.A.A.P., F.A.C.N., CNS. Dr. Longsdale is a DAN! Protocol practicing doctor.

Mariea's clinic receives calls from physicians around the world on a weekly basis seeking cutting-edge treatments beyond traditional western medicine for their patients. Mariea is quickly becoming highly regarded with her expansive knowledge in physiological detoxification.

"My association with Tamara Mariea, CCN has been truly inspiring. She has impressive knowledge and insight into both biochemical and electromagnetic contributions to illness and healing. In particular she has opened my eyes to the potentially groundbreaking link between electromagnetic pollution, cell phone radiation and the crippling of cellular detoxification. This may play a central role in autism as well as chronic illness of all types in all ages," said Stephen L. Reisman, M.D.

The Safe Wireless Initiative (SWI) based in Washington, D.C., has just appointed Mariea Director of Clinical Protocol Development and a member of its Board of Directors. Dr. George Carlo, world-renowned scientist, epidemiologist and attorney, is the founder of the Institute. He and Mariea have worked closely for the past year to help educate those on the front line of treating disorders regarding the hazards of electromagnetic radiation on people.

"I am proud to have my research and clinical data presented by Dr. Carlo as he lectures throughout the United States and Europe. We are working together on the front-lines of one of the greatest public safety issues to ever confront our children," says Mariea.

For the past five years at the Internal Balance Inc., clinic, Mariea and her staff have been tracking and collecting clinical data that measures the heavy metal excretion patterns in children with autism. Clients who have traveled from across America to Tennessee have been detoxified in an electromagnetic radiation clean environment at the clinic with remarkable results. In 2005 she began controlling the environment in which her clients were treated. It was then, with the electromagnetic radiation mitigated environment, that she began to see increased levels of heavy metal excretion.

She has addressed electrical pollution from a direct magnetic effect on the body as it relates to dirty power as well as electromagnetic radiation (EMR) created from cell phones, computers, radios, cell phone towers, etc.

This toxic pollution entering the body is created from transmitting data as information carrying radio waves. Mariea's research has validated a direct biological effect on the cell membrane discovered by Dr. George Carlo. She has developed therapeutic interventions to detoxify these trapped toxins from the body.

Mariea's soon-to-be-published paper will include her research which explores electromagnetic radiation as a cohort effect with heavy metals as a strong component of the etiology of autism.

In simple terms, Mariea explains to parents struggling to help their children that what her research is pointing to is with more cell phone towers being erected, more cell phones in use globally and more WiFi technology utilized, the risk for autism continues to rise. She says that Thimerosal (the mercury containing preservative in scheduled children's vaccines) has for the most part been eliminated from regularly scheduled childhood vaccines, according to public record, and that the incidence of autism should be decreasing based on progress made in that area in recent years. But it is not decreasing, she says. This is where Mariea and Dr. Carlo began to collaborate in the search to find what the larger contributor to the increase in autism is. The epidemiologic curve of autism parallels too closely with the increase usage of wireless devices to not look at it.

"My son is currently 11 years old and we have been researching and utilizing many types of biomedical services since Michael was four years old. We have chelated, detoxified, and supplemented with many different types of nutrients. This has been in addition to all the other traditional recommended therapies for autism, such as OT, ABA and Speech Therapy. One of the most important discoveries in the last seven years that has made a dramatic impact toward my son's recovery was the realization that Michael was severely sensitive to EMR. Not only was he sensitive, but it was holding his body hostage from freeing toxic heavy metals. In addition, every time Michael was in the car with me while I was on a cell phone, he would literally flip out. I did not realize until Tamara educated me that I was radiating my son's body with EMR. After looking at the impact that EMR had on his neurochemistry it made terrific sense. We have implemented the strategies suggested by Tamara and we are moving faster toward his recovery than ever," said Bob Claeys, father of Michael, a client.

Mariea has a degree in Biology/Biochemistry from Bowling Green State University and her post-graduate work in Human Clinical Nutrition. She is a Certified Clinical Nutritionist and detoxification specialist. She has been conducting research and providing strategic interventions in the field of nutrition and detoxification for more than a decade. Tamara has also developed highly respected Nutrition Detox and Performance Programs for many top professional athletes, including well-known professional MBL player JD Drew and NBA player Allan Houston.

by Tamara Mariea
Apr 16 2007
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