Cancer and Cell Phone

  The Effect of Cell Phone Radiation on the Red Blood Cell  
  A Change in the Blood as Seen Under a Dark Field Microscope  

Cancer and Cell Phone


The Effects of Cell Phone Radiation After Just a Ninety-second Cell-Phone Call

Study Conditions

Length of Phone Call: Ninety seconds

Cell Phone Make: Nokia 5110 (900 MHz)

Signal Strength: 70-100 uW/cm2 (The maximum limit in Germany for cell phone signal strength is 470 uW/cm2).


    Effects seen under a dark-field microscope of blood taken from an ear capillary.  



Subject A: Person speaking on cell phone. In spite of the fact that the strength of the call was below the legal limit by 25%, the results of the study
show a major effect on the bodily systems.

Photo 1: Before the phone call.

The red blood cells due to their electrical charge and polarity are floating in the blood separated from the other red blood cells.


Photo 2: After the phone call.

The cells have lost their polarity and integrity and are clumping together. This results in hypoxia or a lack of oxygen reaching the cells in the body's organs. Due to numerous cells clumping together a cell's surface area is diminished and this results in the inability of the red blood cell to take in sufficient oxygen. Since the brain consumes 20% of the oxygen carried by red blood cells, the possible effects of this are a diminished ability to remember new things.



Photo 3: Twenty minutes after the phone call.


Photo 4: Forty minutes after the phone call.

After the phone call the blood is attempting to regain its original form but even twenty minutes later the cells still haven't returned to their natural state. Finally, forty minutes later we see a return to the original form. The People Around the Cell Phone User are Also Affected.




Subject B: A person 1.7 meters away from the person using the cell phone. We are seeing a loss of polarity in the blood cell. Even after twenty minutes the blood still hasn't recovered to its normal state.


Photo 5: Blood taken during the cell phone call from a bystander nearby the cell phone user.


Photo 6: Blood taken twenty minutes after the phone call.






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