Report on Cell Phone Radiation


Health risks of cell phone radiation

  More must be done to raise awareness of health risks from cell phone radiation, according to a Melton businessman who suffers from an allergy to electricity.

Brian Stein, chief executive of Samworth Brothers in Melton, said his condition was caused by constant cell use and he is lobbying the Health Protection Agency to carry out more research. He said that Switzerland, Germany and Sweden all recognize the allergy electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) and the health hazards of cell phones, but our Government is turning a blind eye. "Nobody wants to believe that radiation from cell phones is harmful, because we've fallen in love with them.

"If I go back 10 years ago I didn't think I knew anyone personally who had a brain tumour, but in those last decade five members of my family or friends have died from them." Mr. Stein, whose condition appeared nearly 10 years ago, said several agencies have conducted research into the potential dangers of excessive cell use.

"The Chamber of Doctors in Vienna is now posting notices in surgeries, warning people against using their phones too much." He added that Lloyd Morgan, director of the Central Brain Tumour Registry in the US, published a report on the links between cell use and increased risk of brain tumour as well as other conditions.

But in the UK cell phone companies are sponsoring research to back up their case that there are no health risks associated with such devices. Mr. Stein, who has three children and is also a trustee of pressure group Radiation Research Trust, used his phone regularly for 15 years before experiencing a tingling around his ears, sensitive skin and excruciating headaches. Doctors told him the condition was psychosomatic and all they could treat him for was stress.

His condition means he cannot use a computer, watch TV, or fly long distances. He also has problems on trains if anyone sitting nearby is using a laptop. His office contains a hands-free speaker phone and soft lighting, and there are no electrical devices. EHS has been recognized by medics in Sweden since 2000, and its government calculates that more than three per cent of its population suffer from the condition.

A spokesman for the Health Protection Agency said: "Studies are being carried out for sensitivity to cell phones at Essex University. The final results will be published soon.

"We would have to see the results of this research before considering the need for more."

April 2007





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