Report on Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR and EMF)

  WiFi Said to be a Health Risk  
  Apr 24, 2007  

electromagnetic radiation, EMR, EMF

  It's everywhere but some say that WiFi could be hazardous to your health.

WiFi has become commonplace almost everywhere, including in our schools. but now, William Stewart, the head of Britain's Health Protection Agency has concerns that wireless Internet access may pose a health risk, especially in children. Stewart is now calling for an independent study of the possible health risks of WiFi.

A few years back, concerns surfaced that cell phones were a health risk due to the electromagnetic radiation, and cell phone towers were especially dangerous.


electromagnetic radiation, EMR, EMF




   Stewart believes that WiFi is adding to the "electronic smog" all around us. Some researchers believe that this electronic smog of electromagnetic radiation is about a billion times stronger than the natural fields around us.

Children are believed to be at more risk because their skulls are thinner than adults and their nervous systems are still developing. Of course there is the fact that they will also be exposed to more radiation over the span of their lifetimes. So now some, including the Austrian Medical Association want to keep WiFi out of classrooms.

At the same time, the World Health Organization says that three our of every hundred people are electrosensitive making wireless a threat to that 3 percent.



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